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This spatial installation contains video, text, sound, cloth, lighting, ready-made products and sterilization supplies smell. The video is 56 minutes long and plays on a loop. The text repeated over and over again in the video is a common information element of a murder case, following a journalistic template that introduces a parody of real information. The fictional narrative content is generated from information captured as input through's AI model.

For the version laid out on the London campus, I drew on a real student murder that took place in East London. The press release of the student's murder, where the body was hidden and then found, became the source of the input. For the Düsseldorf version, I took information about the real history of the exhibition space, a low and dark building: it used to be a trinket store and a massage parlor. In both versions, each free AI-generated different text, using different fonts, is looped through the video. is a simple web version of the GPT-2 language model based on openAI, pre-trained by various textual information. It fictionalizes the narrative reality in the work and is a metaphor for the second-hand information shaping the text. Likewise, the sound of cleaning movements and song fragments played in the installation are derived from second-hand material anonymously uploaded on the Internet and mixed with processed song excerpts.

Most of the objects scattered in the exhibition hall were purchased from cheap second-hand stores: the information left in the traces of use of the objects is nowhere to be found, and they can be given new space for interpretation as part of a new fictional narrative. The smell of disinfectant cleaning products that permeates the space also seems to explain the paradox of this clean scene. These elements, which contradict the mood of the exhibition environment, hypnotize the viewer while constantly reminding him that everything is fiction.

The work uses a variety of informational symbols that are cut and short to create an association in the viewer's mind of a murder scene. Since these symbols are derived from secondary materials, I hope that the viewer will be aware of the limitations of this imagery in relation to the real while swimming in the imagery.

The exhibition places the text with detailed information about the work. When the viewer realizes that the work is a re-fictionalization of a fragment of a real event depends on whether they first see the description or whether they gradually realize the logical flaws in the scene themselves from the dramatic rehearsal of the information in the objects, sounds, and scrolling text on the screen.

这个空间装置包含了视频,文字,声音,布,灯光,现成品和消毒用品气味。视频时长56分钟,循环播放。视频中不断重复的文字是谋杀案的常见信息要素,按照新闻模版,引入对真实信息仿造。 虚构的叙事内容由采集到的信息作为输入,通过talktotransformer.com的AI模型生成。

而在杜塞尔多夫的版本中,我采集了展览空间,一个低矮昏暗建筑的真实历史信息:它曾经是饰品店和按摩店。在两个版本中,各自由AI生成的不同文本,使用不同的字体在视频中循环播放。 talktotransformer.com是基于openAI,被各种文本信息预先训练完成的GPT-2语言模型的简易网络版本。它在作品中虚构着叙事的真实性,亦是对二手信息塑造文本的比喻。 同样,装置播放的清洁动作声和歌曲片段,亦是来源于网络匿名上传的二手现成素材,与经过处理的歌曲⽚段共同混制而成。


作品使用了多种信息符号,这些被剪裁的,简短的符号,正在观众脑中构建出一个谋杀场景的联想。而由于这些符号皆是由二手材料得来,我希望观众畅游联想的同时,也意识到这种 想象关于真实的局限所在。

展览放置了作品细节信息的文本。观众会在何时意识到这件作品只是在假借真实事件片段信 息的重新虚构,取决于他们是先看到说明,还是从物件、声音、屏幕中滚动文本的戏剧化排 演信息中,自己逐渐意识到这个场景中在逻辑上的漏洞。

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