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Mundsburger Damm 23

Mundsburger Damm 23
video, duration 2min 33sec

I often start to look back on a moment before it is over, so while still living at Mundsburger Damm 23, I built a copy of the apartment structure in 3D software.

This virtual apartment has no windows and no other connections to the outside, it becomes a suspended interior space. The apartment is simply a cold container, and the intimate, personal connection to this space is deliberately hidden in the video, leaving the familiar, inhabited living space nearly empty. As the camera moves, the invisible author's perspective seems to reunite with the ghostly shadows in this alienated living space, reconstructing a universal experience that evokes the imagination.

This work is like a specimen: the sensory experience is superimposed by an indistinguishable space-time, where memories are forcibly framed and recreated in frames as monumental, tending to be still scenes of time and space. Being there, even though the experience of life is familiar, there is a strange sense of time. Between the leftover narrative and the erased private experience, only a vague atmosphere remains, suggesting intimacy that has been forcibly withdrawn, or long vacuumed.

Mundsburger Damm 23
视频, 时长2分33秒

我常常在某个瞬间结束前就开始回味起它,于是,在还居于 Mundsburger Damm 23期间,我便在3D软件中搭建起这个公寓结构的副本。


这件作品如标本: 感官的体验由分辨不明的时空叠加而成,记忆在此被强行定格,并以帧数重制成纪念的,趋于静止的时空场景展现。身处其中,即使熟悉的生活经验,又有陌生的时间之感。 遗留的叙事和被抹去的私人经验之间,只剩若隐若现的氛围,暗示着被强行抽离,或早已真空的亲密关系。