一子/Yi Li

Yi Li

An Internet resident, physical body moved between different cities. Based in Berlin currently, living and working at home.

In her artistic practice, Yi uses mixed media includes sound, image, video, large-scale installations, and theatrical display to replicate abstract sensory experiences, reorganizing suggestive "unmanned scenes" in physical and digital spaces. She builds a suspended space as a container, and uses enigmatic walk-in details and hyper-language content to create a sense of uncanny in her works.


网络定居者, 物理身体迁徙于不同的城市之间。目前坐标德国柏林, 在家生活工作。

在艺术实践中,一子使用声音、图像、视频、大型装置、剧场等混合媒介。她在物理和数码空间中搭建作 为容器的悬置空间,使用谜团般的步入式细节、设计的感官通道、象征性的信息符号成为作品的语法,重 构了一副冷静克制,又带着微妙鬼魅般的日常之景。通过联通观众熟悉的经验与想象,观者浸入了一种已 逝之感。